Understanding Rush Poker

Rush Poker is a variant of traditional poker games that completely removes the element of psychology from the mix. Players must get through games very quickly and then switch tables, completely removing the ability to form opinions about their opponents.

Luck or Skill?

In traditional poker games, luck and skill play nearly equal roles. Players cannot decide or influence the cards they receive, but they can certainly make the best of those hands and combine their cards with feedback from the opponents at the table. Also, they will likely play several hands of poker with the same opponents, allowing them to form opinions. Rush Poker is different, however; players cannot form opinions and are thereby limited to the cards they are dealt.


In a nutshell, a rakeback is the percentage of the money a player wagers that is returned to them by the casino. Players must often open a special rakeback account in order to take advantage of this perk. In the majority of cases, the rakeback amount is less than 5% of the total pot and no more than $3.00 or $4.00. Sometimes rakebacks are awarded through third party products and services; other times players can simply withdraw the cash as it accumulates.

Rakebacks in Rush Poker

Since Rush Poker is primarily a game of luck, players will do well to find ways to get the most out of their money. It is certainly a fun game, but it is not without its potential for significant losses. In order to make up for these, players can sign up for rakeback accounts that will allow them to reap some of the rewards associated with them. They may be able to withdraw cash after a certain amount has accumulated or they may be provided with bonus cash to use at affiliate casinos.

In games of luck, players should take advantage of every opportunity they get to earn some extra money. Rush Poker rakebacks are simply one example, but they can go a long way.