Video Poker Auto Hold

Video poker can be compared to a combination of slots and five-card draw poker games. There are many reasons to play auto hold video poker, but understanding how the feature works can make a huge difference in the outcome of the game.

How the Auto Hold Feature Works

Video poker deals players five cards, and the player can choose which cards to hold and which to swap for new cards based upon the game variant's specific payout table. Players may win for holding a full house, but they often win more for presenting a royal flush. For this reason, there are many times that a player will want to 'hold' certain cards in their hands. The auto hold feature has been designed for players who either have not had the opportunity or who choose not to learn the optimal video poker strategies. The feature holds cards for the player that have the best chance of giving a payout.

Determining When to Use Auto Hold

Auto hold video poker usually utilizes a secondary payout table; this table pays out much less than playing with the auto hold feature turned off. There is still an advantage to this, however. Players who are not well versed in the rules and payout tables of video poker games will often lose significant amounts of money due to their inabilities. These players can seriously benefit from using the auto hold feature even though the payout is much less. Players who feel comfortable with their abilities should shy away from using the auto hold feature in an attempt to win higher payouts.

Auto hold video poker is a wonderful option for players who enjoy playing video poker but do not feel confident in their knowledge and strategy. For even more video-style games with brilliant graphics, try the slots here.